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Our family dental clinic in Brno was established with the aim of providing our patients with comprehensive modern care according to European standards in a pleasant and relaxed environment.

We place emphasis not only on precisely performed work, but also on an environment in which the patient will feel like visiting friends. During a dental procedure, you can watch your favorite program on TV or the doctor will inform you about the procedure being performed. The television above the dentist's chair will be especially appreciated by the little ones - namely your children. We like to play their favorite fairy tale for them to distract them and divert their attention.

So come and visit our dental clinic for a non-binding consultation and examination.

Palác Chlumeckých

Chlumeckých Palace is a newly renovated building in the very center of Brno between Česká Street and Náměstí Svobody. On its lower floor there is a pharmacy with shops. In the courtyard of the 3rd floor is the renowned plastic surgery clinic PERFECT CLINIC – MUDr. Kufa, MD Pros and spol., CERCE orthodontics experienced Doc. MD Pavlína Černochová PhD. Our dental clinic SMILE FACTORY MDDr is also located on this floor. Jana Beranovská.

Our patients can relax not only at our reception with a coffee, but also in the garden right in the center of Brno. The local environment offers space for relaxation away from the busy streets of Brno.

Visit us for a non-binding consultation with a panoramic X-ray.

Our team

MDDr. Jana Beranovská
Chief physician - co-owner

To restore health to patients through healthy teeth and gums and at the same time an aesthetic means - modeling new tooth shapes, creating a beautiful smile and thereby improving the quality of life of an ordinary person who wants to smile at the world.

Marek Beranovsky

My main motto in business is to act fairly and offer services and products with added value while taking maximum care of our client.

MDDr. Nikola Stromská

I want to provide my patients with care according to the most modern procedures, a sensitive human approach, painless treatment and, last but not least, a high-quality and aesthetic result. Because a beautiful smile is the most beautiful thing we can wear.

MDDR. Barbora Křivanová

A visit to the dentist can be as relaxing a discipline as a visit to the hairdresser. I am happy that I can make it more pleasant for our patients with my smile and make their smile healthy and beautiful again.

MDDr. Jana Přibylová

Everything goes better with a smile and that's why I chose SMILE FACTORY. I'm happy to be part of the team that makes your smile more beautiful.

MDDr. Elena Theodosiou

Have you ever wondered why teeth are so important and why dentists always stress to you to take good care of them? Teeth can be a direct indicator of a person's health.

MDDr. Michal Navrátil
Dental surgeon

As a cooperating dental surgeon with the SMILE FACTORY clinic at the department of dental surgery at SV. ANNY, I try to provide my patients with pain-free, quick and gentle treatment.

MDDr. Miroslav Baxa

For me, dentistry is not just teeth, but a combination of medicine, helping others and love for manual-creative work.

Hana Kosařová
Dental hygienist

When I look at a person, a smile is the first thing I notice. I like to help people keep their oral cavity healthy and problem-free, so that nothing prevents them from giving out smiles.

Kristýna Kvasnicová DiS.
Dental hygienist

Health is very important to me. Since diseased teeth and gums affect the health of the entire organism, I therefore try to treat my patients as best as possible, choose tailor-made aids for them and, above all, teach them how to take care of their teeth properly. Only healthy teeth are beautiful at the same time.

Linda Rotterová
Dental hygienist

Already during my studies as a dental technician assistant, I realized that I would like to become a dental hygienist so that I could help keep my mouth in the best possible condition until old age.

Bc. Gabriela Latzková
Dental hygienist

From a young age, I was fascinated by the work of my dentist and dental hygienist, which made it very easy for me to choose a university. My goal is not only to provide quality dental and gum care, but also to create a comfortable and friendly environment for our patients.

Sara Hrabalová

I've always enjoyed working with people, so I'm glad that it's possible for me at the reception desk and I try to meet the needs and requests of patients. I also like the approach and care that our team provides you.

Aneta Vávrová

I come from the foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains, where people are not afforded such comfort as here. At the reception, I make the first contact with patients, and therefore I can say that: "it's not the clothes, but the teeth that make a person".

Lucie Hejcmanová
Dental Technician

Valentýna Lohniská
Back Office

I have taken care of health and a healthy lifestyle since I was a child. I realized the importance of high-quality dentists or surgeries already in my youth, when I myself sought the care of experts to help me.

Stomatology Brno

Initial examination

During the initial examination, we perform a thorough patient history, a comprehensive analysis of the teeth and oral cavity. On the basis of a panoramic X-ray - OPG and an examination of the oral cavity, the dentist determines a treatment plan, which he consults with the patient in detail and agrees on the next procedure according to the patient's needs.
Panoramic x-ray - OPG will provide our doctors with a detailed overview not only of dental caries and tooth alignment, but also of cysts, tumors, fractures and other possible abnormalities.

Establishing a treatment plan

Based on the OPG panoramic X-ray and a comprehensive examination by a dentist, our experts will determine a treatment plan for you. This rehabilitation plan will be developed according to the preferences of the given procedures and the financial possibilities of the patient so that he is satisfied and at the same time no acute care or procedure is neglected.

Our priority is patient prevention. That's why we try to treat the teeth with the utmost care and set up a schedule of check-ups and regular visits by the dental hygienist so that after the treatment plan is finished, the patient does not have to invest any additional funds in the care of his teeth and his teeth are healthy for a long time.

Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is not only the treatment of stained teeth. Our dental hygienist will advise you on how to properly clean your teeth, tell you which part of your teeth needs more attention, and where you are doing everything correctly. Treating your teeth with dental hygiene also functions as the first necessary stage of teeth whitening.
One of the very important aspects that affect the health of your teeth and oral cavity is eating, drinking, smoking and other inappropriate habits. Our dental hygienist selects suitable dental aids, brushes and mouthwashes with toothpastes individually for each patient.

Air flow

Air flow is a method of removing pigmentation from the teeth by sandblasting with a fine fruit-flavored cleaning powder, when all plaque, deposits and dirt in hard-to-reach places for cleaning are removed. This will give the teeth a whiter shade and shine. Teeth sanding is a non-invasive, gentle method of cleaning pigmentation, where particles of fine powder blast impurities from the surface of the teeth and the spaces between the teeth. The air flow treatment does not damage tooth enamel in any way, it is painless and pleasant, as the sandblasting powder is flavored with fruit. This treatment is part of dental hygiene.

Teeth whitening

Perhaps every person desires a beautiful bright smile. This can be achieved either by prosthetic treatment with crowns or veneers, or by the most economical method of teeth whitening. This has become an integral part of the treatment in modern dentistry today, because in addition to the health aspect of the quality of care, we place great emphasis on the resulting aesthetics of the restoration. Whitening can be done in two ways - in a doctor's office or using carriers for home whitening. Both of these teeth whitening methods can be combined according to requirements and possibilities.
In-office whitening takes place on a dental chair in a dental office in one longer session, when a layer of concentrated whitening gel is repeatedly applied to the teeth.
For home whitening, individual whitening carriers are made according to the impressions of the teeth, into which the whitening gel is applied. These are used for several hours every day for 10-14 days, and the great advantage is that each patient can correct this method of teeth whitening himself and repeat the whitening whenever necessary.

Treatment without pain

Painless dental treatment is a matter of course for us. If there is a risk that the patient could feel pain, our dentists will use anesthesia. Before the anesthesia itself, we apply a numbing gel to your gums, which numbs the area in your mouth, so you won't even feel the injection itself. During all the procedures, the doctor will ask you if everything is fine, if you are not in pain, and will inform you in detail about the procedures being performed - unless you are watching your favorite program on the screen above the chair. Come to us to see for yourself that a visit to the dentist does not have to be unpleasant and painful. We will be happy to make you a coffee at the reception and discuss everything with you, after which the treatment itself will follow, which will be truly pain-free.

White seals - composite

The treatment of dental caries consists in the correct diagnosis, in its drilling and replacement with a new material. This material must meet many properties that teeth naturally have. At the same time, its color, durability and shape should be as close as possible to your original tooth. Our dentists use the highest quality composite materials, which are colored and mixed individually, according to the patient's needs. The correct diagnosis of the patient can be determined using a panoramic OPG x-ray, where the patient's complete dentition is displayed and the dentist has a comprehensive overview of the state of the patient's dentition.

Why NOT amalgam

It is not without reason that amalgam fillings have been banned abroad for many years. Amalgam preparation is harmful not only for the patient, but also for the dentist and his nurse who prepares the amalgam. These are mercury vapors with other metals. In the long term, in the case of an amalgam filling, it is a metal that has a completely different thermal expansion than your tooth. This leads to the formation of microcracks, which result in the tooth breaking off. A joint may also form and the amalgam filling may deteriorate. Another big problem is that a disproportionately larger amount of healthy tooth has to be drilled out to place the amalgam than with a composite filling.

Aesthetic dentistry

Dentistry is not just about removing tooth decay and treating the patient. When you smile, your teeth are exposed to everyone and your smile must look nice. That is why we focus not only on painless dental treatment, but also on the aesthetic side. We will remove all defects, shape and color the fillings according to the shade of your teeth. A dentist should not only be a good doctor, he must also have a sense of aesthetics and be skilled.

Dental Veneers

If you do not have the ideal shape or color of your teeth, there is no need to extract them and replace them with an implant or grind them into crowns. Ceramic veneers can be a suitable treatment. They are thin plates that are used to correct minor and major imperfections in the teeth. With ceramic veneers, we can adjust the shape, size and color of your teeth so that no one knows they are not yours. Most often, veneers are made on the front teeth, which are visible when you smile. You will save and your smile will be perfect.

Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic crowns, inlays and onlays are used especially in the case of tooth decay of a larger scale, when the tooth can no longer be treated only with a dental filling. If the tooth has lost a large amount of hard tooth tissue and it is no longer possible to replace it with a white filling, we use an all-ceramic or metal-ceramic crown. Our dentists always choose the type of crown or tooth extension in such a way that it guarantees the longest possible durability and at the same time high aesthetics. Crowns are made in a dental laboratory, where their highest quality, shape and perfect coloring are guaranteed according to the surrounding teeth of your dentition.

Crown until the next day

If you are pressed for time or you just don't want to wait about a week for a tooth replacement with a crown, you can have it by the next day using the most modern CEREC technology. This device will allow us to treat your tooth and replace it with a high-quality all-ceramic crown in just two visits over the course of two days. At the same time, the quality of the design of the dental crown is preserved, as well as its aesthetics. CEREC mills a custom-made crown based on the patient's impression. It will then be recolored. The final smoothing is done after the crown has settled.


Endodontic treatment must be carried out especially when preparing for a crown or when the dental pulp is attacked by extensive tooth decay. This procedure consists in mechanical and chemical cleaning of dental canals and their disinfection from infection. After complete treatment and disinfection of the canals, they are filled and closed. After that, there is no longer a risk of their re-inflammation. By properly treating the canals, you will prevent tooth extraction, which would then have to be replaced with an implant. A white filling or crown is then applied to the tooth treated in this way, depending on the extent of its damage.

Dental implants

Dental implants are a replacement for missing teeth or in the prosthetic solution of a patient's dental defect. This is a method where materials are used that are harmless to the patient and do not cause allergies. Titanium screws are screwed into the bone of the dental jaw, which fuse with the patient's jaw and are permanently accepted by him. There is no difference between dental implants and the patient's teeth after implantation. This is one of the many advantages over a bridge. The implementation of a dental implant as a dental replacement is not suitable if the patient's jaw is not fully developed. Another possible complication is the missing bone in which the implant is placed. This problem can be solved by adding bone.

Treatment of periodontitis

It is a field that deals with the treatment of periodontal diseases (primarily gums and bones) - periodontitis (periodontitis). The cause is bacteria accumulating in dental plaque. The precursor to periodontitis is inflammation of the gums = gingivitis. This is manifested by bleeding gums. This can be treated relatively simply by removing tartar and implementing proper oral hygiene.

If excessive bone loss is already visible on the x-ray image, we are already talking about periodontitis. It has an insidious course and is usually painless. If left untreated, it leads to gradual loss of teeth.

At the SMILE FACTORY dental office, we perform comprehensive treatment of periodontitis.

Conservative treatment of periodontitis = hygienic phase, removal of tartar above and below the gums using machine-ultrasound or special tools-curettes.
Surgical treatment of periodontitis (if conservative treatment is ineffective) = removal of tartar under the gums under visual control while unfolding the soft tissues (sometimes simultaneously with adding artificial bone to bone defects).

Invisible braces INVISALIGN

If you want to have straight teeth, but you can't afford to have wires in your mouth or you simply don't want them, there are INVISALIGN invisible braces for you. INVISALIGN braces work on the principle of consecutive transparent foils, which you gradually change and your teeth move until you achieve a straight and beautiful smile. During important meetings and before eating, you can simply remove the braces from your mouth. Another advantage is that you take over the foils and do not have to make regular visits to the orthodontist. If this is the ideal solution for you, we recommend that you contact our friend.

Advantages of our treatment

Every patient who visits us receives a free comprehensive examination with a panoramic X-ray OPG. This is followed by a consultation and determination of a treatment plan by a specialist doctor, according to your options.

You don't have to wait for treatment with us. We will accept you for your dental treatment exactly on the set date.

Our treatment is painless. During longer procedures or when treating your children, we will play your favorite series or fairy tale. All this directly during the dental procedure. If you are interested in the progress of the treatment, you will be constantly informed about the progress of the dental treatment.

If you decide to stay with us at the reception, we will be happy to offer you something to drink or you can handle emails from the iPad, which is available to you.

Stomatology - Dental dictionary


A synonym is dentition. It is the hard dental tissue that forms the largest part of the tooth. In the crown part of the teeth it is covered by enamel, at the root of the tooth it is covered by dental cement. Inside it there is a medullary cavity and root canals with neurovascular tissue.

Rubber dam

An elastic membrane that serves to ensure an absolutely dry working field, i.e. isolating the treated teeth from the environment of the oral cavity. It is fixed to the teeth using a rubber dam clip and a frame, possibly other aids in Stomatology.


The branch of dentistry dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of orthodontic jaw and dental anomalies, i.e. anomalies in the number, position, inclination of individual teeth and groups of teeth and jawbones. It often requires an interdisciplinary approach.

Surgery and equipment

Our office has the most modern equipment from a top Finnish manufacturer of medical equipment not only for dentists. Planmeca X-rays and their software are characterized by excellent image quality and high-quality display of dental images taken. The Planmeca dental chair is not only comfortable for patients, but thanks to its ergonomics, it makes it easier for dentists to access the patient.

Panoramic X-ray OPG

Our dental clinic has a panoramic x-ray from the Finnish company Planmeca. Treatment of a patient without an OPG X-ray cannot reveal all anomalies in the mouth, interdental caries and other diseases. Therefore, dentists are unable to diagnose the patient's oral health in detail without this device.

Dentist's chair

Our dentists work on the Planmeca dental chair, which makes it easier for them to access the patient, especially thanks to the space under the chair. Its simple operation and comfortable padding is also an advantage not only for patients.

Intraoral X-ray with scanner

The Planmeca intraoral x-ray is used for detailed x-rays of a certain section of the patient's mouth. The film onto which the image is projected is then developed in the Planmeca ProScanner. This device uses modern software to transfer the patient's image to a computer.

Lighting above the chair + intraoral camera

The lighting above the dental chair from CACAN provides optimal light for the dentist's work. A television is placed on the light, where the patient can use an intraoral camera to watch the procedure in his mouth or watch a movie or series during a longer treatment. It only depends on you.

Price list of dental procedures

  • Initial consultation and determination of treatment plan1,800 CZK
  • Preventive inspectionFREE
  • Intraoral/panoramic x-ray (OPG)FREE
  • Entrance dental hygiene1,890 CZK
  • Dental hygiene recall1,590 - 1,690 CZK
  • Dental hygiene child under 10 years890 CZK
  • Home whitening5,990 - 6,490 CZK
  • Combination of home and office whitening (Purewhitening system)8,990 CZK
  • Treatment of sensitive tooth necks / quadrant390 CZK
  • White photocomposite filling1,390 - 3,290 CZK
  • Finishing the tooth3,890 CZK
  • Anesthesia intraligamentary290 CZK
  • Finishing the tooth before (re)endodontics1,690 - 2,690 CZK
  • Endodontic treatment of root canals2,790 - 5,890 CZK
  • Reendodontic (re)treatment of root canals3,490 - 6,990 CZK
  • Healing root filling690 - 1,190 CZK
  • Ceramic crown, facet – E - max10,490 CZK
  • Ceramic onlay, overlayCZK 8,790
  • Composite onlay, overlayCZK 8,190
  • Zircon crown8,490 - 9,690 CZK
  • Implantation - insertion of an implant (according to type)12,000 - 20,500 CZK
  • Implant crown13,900 CZK

The price list was calculated by an authorized company according to applicable regulations.

We have contracts with health insurance companies

  • General Health Insurance Company (111)
  • Health Insurance Company of the Ministry of the Interior (211)
  • Military insurance company (201)
  • Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company (205)
  • Branch insurance company (207)
  • Škoda Employee Insurance Company (209)
  • Precinct Brotherhood Cashier (213)

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