MDDr. Barbora Křivánová


From an early age, I wanted to help someone with my work, and taking the path of medicine was a clear direction for me. Dentistry won me over with practice from the first semester and the perfect combination of medicine and creative manual work. I like to smile at the world and I want to give the same to my patients, and not only the final result, but I also want to make the journey behind it, which few people like, pleasant.


  • Masaryk University LF major ZL 2017-2022


  • Stavovská sro Frýdek- Místek September 2022- June 2023
  • MDDr. Šmídová Kopecká – maternity leave July 2023 – January 2024
  • UPdent Olomouc 2020, 2022
  • Dental Prevention Camp 2021
  • 6/10/2022 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency treatment at Hu-Fa Dental as dentist's office
  • 4.11. 2022 Endodontic treatment from A to Z, modern endodontics differently - MDDr. Ondrej Kriz
  • 23.9. 2023 Orthodontics in a nutshell or when to send a patient to orthodontics - MUDr. Hana Böhmová
  • VPPZL 1: Comprehensive examination of the patient and determination of the treatment plan
  • VPPZL 2: Prevention of periodontal diseases and basics of periodontology
  • VPPZL 3: Fillings in restorative dentistry
  • VPPZL 4: Endodontics, including post-endodontic treatment
  • VPPZL 5: Child patient in the PZL office
  • VPPZL 8: Surgery in ZL practice, oncological minimum, dental injuries
  • VPPZL 9: Treatment of a risk patient, basics of pharmacology in the practice of ZL, focal infection
  • VPPZL 10: Imaging methods and radiological hygiene
  • VPPZL 11: Sudden events and CPR in PZL practice